As a public organization, we work hard to assist in the economic development of Broome County. We have two separate entities designed to accomplish this purpose, the IDA and the LDC.

To apply for financial assistance, you must first complete an application to be considered by our staff and board of directors.

Select an application by clicking on the appropriate button below. This will download a PDF document with step-by-step instructions and the application.


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Our Business Retention & Expansion Program is a critical element of our economic development toolkit. The program is focused on gaining knowledge and understanding about your business through a face-to-face visitation program; identifying challenges and opportunities for your business; and creating a path for your business success.





  1. Set up a face-to-face meeting at your location
  2. Complete our site survey
  3. Identify partners and additional resources to assist your business
  4. Create a follow up plan to maintain frequent communication


  • Are you looking to expand your business?
  • Do you have financing needs to enable your business growth?
  • Are their infrastructure, utility or other technical obstacles prohibiting growth?
  • What are the challenges of today and opportunities for tomorrow?

Our Tools

Loan Financing

We currently administer three revolving loan programs to help you retain or expand your employment base.

Deal Structuring

We can partner with local lending institutions, municipal economic development organizations or other resources to help you achieve success.

Expansion Assistance

Looking to expand? Let us work with you to identify the right location for your future success.

Access to State Programs

With our experience, we can help you navigate the wide array of state funding programs that can assist with your business needs.

BR+E Featured Stories

  • 250 Main St

    Johnson City, NY


    250 Main Street LLC is a real estate company.

    How did the Agency help you?

    Overall, we would say it was pretty smooth and cohesive. Mostly, it was very encouraging…they believed in our vision and even pushed us to go beyond what we thought was possible.

    What was your experience in working with the Agency?

    They helped us with the Broome Loan Fund to purchase the building and fully renovate it.

    What has been the affect on your business?

    Because of this loan, we have been are almost ready to open our doors. Our apartment building consists of 2 beautiful, urban experience lofts and in the bottom we will be hosting a coffee house right in the heart of Downtown Johnson City. We have a lot of foot traffic here so we are excited to be part of the urban renewal energy that is taking place here.

    How does being in Broome County impact the success of your business?

    Here, we have the access to resources that are easy to find, connect with decision makers, and be part of the movement that is happening to make our area grow. It is easy, friendly, and exciting!

  • EMT

    Endicott, NY


    Founded in 1946, Engineering Manufacturing Technologies, LLC has a long history and outstanding reputation for manufacturing quality parts that consistently demonstrate durability and reliability.

    How did the Agency help you?

    They were really helpful and fully understood what we envision and helped us with the right package to make our plans come to fruition.

    What was your experience in working with the Agency?

    They helped us buying and renovating our new facility.

    What has been the affect on your business?

    Since opening our new facility, we have been able to focus on a more advanced type of manufacturing and that has lead to tremendous growth for us in the past couple of years.

    How does being in Broome County impact the success of your business?

    Broome County has the manufacturing workforce history and talent that we look for. It is also the home of true innovation such as IBM so the buildings and expertise here in Endicott is exceptional to our industry facilitating exponential growth.

BR+E Featured Projects

ADEC Innovations

ADEC innovations has helped businesses for the past 30 years work efficiently with papa documents and has adapted this practice into the digital world.

How we helped: Renovations

Mechanical Specialties Co.

For over 50 years, Mechanical Specialties has brought the engineering and fabrication of precision parts and assemblies to national and international industries.

How we helped: Machinery and Equipment

Bing Hots

Voted one of the 39 most iconic college town restaurants in the US by USA Today College and College Magazine ranked Binghamton Hots as one of the 10 Best College Town Burger Joints.

How we helped: Purchasing and renovation of new location


Established in 2003, Gearcor, Inc. is a leading e-commerce retailer and business-to-business distributor of a broad range of specialized footwear products and personal protective equipment.

How we helped: Machinery and Equipment

Triple Cities Metal Finishing

Since 1945, Triple Cities Metal Finishing has been providing a variety of innovative surface finishing products to preeminent industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, and electronics.

How we helped: Machinery and Equipment

Midway Lanes, Inc

Midway Lanes, Inc is all about fun! The facility was revamped with a whole new family center experience consisting of laser tag, arcade games, and a spin zone.

How we helped: Sales Tx Abatement