As a public organization, we work hard to assist in the economic development of Broome County. We have two separate entities designed to accomplish this purpose, the IDA and the LDC.

To apply for financial assistance, you must first complete an application to be considered by our staff and board of directors.

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Posted on Nov 18th, 2022

What I Learned At The Agency...

Binghamton Business News

My name is Kalyna Graham, and I am a senior at Newark Valley High School, as well as a proud student of the New Visions Business Academy. Being granted the opportunity to intern at The Agency expanded my love and knowledge for business. Over the course of four weeks, I’ve learned and understood the abundant amount of effort The Agency embeds in Broome County, striving to keep our area happy, healthy, and at constant rate of improvement. The organization offers programs, such as BR+E, and campaigns, such as Broome is Good, to convince and assist citizens to move to Broome County. I spent time analyzing the process of these programs and the communications between The Agency and local entrepreneurs, showing me the amount of time and investment put into our area. Its truly stimulating to feel the connection this organization has with the community, persistently enhancing the county for the greater good of its people. It inspires me to recognize the way The Agency focus’s not only on the growth of business but maximizing the beauty surrounding Broome County. This organization has so much to offer, from historic landmarks and restaurants to housing and health care, and more, naming them the premier economic development office of Broome County. A significant highlight of this placement was sitting in on meetings with local entrepreneurs and viewing raw discussions at the conference table. I observed myself grow as an individual at each meeting I attended, pushing myself to hold professional body language, and eager to chime in on negotiations. An important part of my internship was working beside my supervisor, Amy Williamson, where vast discussion of the organization, and in-depth explanation of the work load she carries, brought me to the rich realization that Marketing Manager is a title I would greatly appreciate holding in my future career. At The Agency, I was consistently greeted with warm smiling faces, and kind helpful staff, constructing an electrifying feeling every morning I entered the building. The influence of strong work ethic and confidence constantly presented by those at the organization will facilitate my growth in business for years to come. I am significantly grateful for the opportunity to intern at The Agency and the experiences I’m able to forever use and apply to my future.