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Posted on May 13th, 2020

Southern Tier Regional Reopening Updates for May 13, 2020

Binghamton Business News

Southern Tier Reopening: Important Updates May 13, 2020

*Up-to-date information as of today’s date.*

All information is subject to change in accordance with New York Forward Guidelines.*

Phase 1 Reopening Date: May 15, 2020 – limited industries see below

*All Essential workers will continue operating under current protocols

The following seven (7) metrics must be met:

  • 14 day decline in hospitalizations OR under 15 new hospitalizations (3-day average)
  • 14 day decline in hospitalized deaths OR under 5 new  (3 day average)
  • New hospitalizations - under 2 per 100K residents (3 day rolling average)
  • Share of total beds available (threshold of 30%)
  • Share of ICU beds available (threshold of 30%)
  • 30 per 1k residents tested monthly (7 day average of new tests per day)
  • 30 contact tracers per 100k residents or to meet current infection rate

This reopening phase is regionally driven and monitored by the members of Southern Tier “Regional Control Room”

A Regional Reopening Dashboard has been created to monitor public health metrics.

Phase 1 Industries Include:

  • Construction (those deemed “non-essential” can now open
  • Manufacturing and wholesale supply chain
  • Retail- curbside pickup* (includes bookstores and municipal libraries)
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

Businesses will have to create a physical work plan considering the following factors:

  • Adjusted workplace hours and shift design
  • Social distancing
  • Non-essential travel restrictions
  • Wearing masks if in frequent contact with others
  • Strict cleaning and sanitation standards
  • Continuous health screenings
  • Continuous tracing, tracking, and reporting
  • Liability for maintaining processes

An online portal to review, acknowledge, and affirm creation of a plan will be available by approximately May 14, 2020.

NY will also reopen statewide limited low-risk businesses and recreational activities as of May 15 including:

  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Outdoor, low-risk recreational activities (tennis)
  • Drive- in movie theaters

Additional Guidance:

  • The state does NOT expect to begin elective dental procedures during Phase 1;
  • An Executive Order was issued on 3/21/20 related to hair salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors and other personal care services: guidance is forthcoming of how and when these services will be reopened.
  • Guidance is forthcoming on reopening motor vehicle departments (DMV)s
  • Guidance is forthcoming on the allowance of elective surgeries (non-dental) at facilities outside of hospitals (i.e. ambulatory surgery centers).


  • Develop your reopening work plan: A physical plan must be created and kept on-site at your place of business;
  • Review existing policies/procedures related to reopening: remote work policies, technology usage, insurance coverage, other;
  • Consult with your industry association and/or attorney on any changes to employment law;
  • Begin communication with employees as often and as soon as possible so they know what will change, what will be expected of them.

To send outreach to the NY Forward Reopening Advisory Board: email

We’re all in this together. Remember: the actions we take today will either help or hinder our recovery.