As a public organization, we work hard to assist in the economic development of Broome County. We have two separate entities designed to accomplish this purpose, the IDA and the LDC.

To apply for financial assistance, you must first complete an application to be considered by our staff and board of directors.

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Posted on Mar 30th, 2022

My Time at The Agency

Binghamton Business News

My name is Isabella Giammarino and I am a New Visions Business Academy student. I have had the opportunity over the course of four weeks to be a student intern at The Agency. Here I got to see how they are working tirelessly to bring Broome County to its full potential. Through many programs, such as BR + E, and campaigns, such as Broome is Good, they strive to retain and gain citizens. Growing up in Binghamton, I would drive around places like Endicott and Johnson City and say “that building should be apartments!” or “that building would look better if they painted it!” Now at The Agency these things can become a reality. They have many current projects that will help to liven all the towns, villages, and cities. The work they do is really for everyone in Broome County to enjoy, and it is inspiring to see. Everyone who works at The Agency is driven and really believes in the success of the county and its citizens. They have a goal and work towards it, and as a student it is great to see adults who love and can have fun at their jobs. I had opportunities to attend meetings, work on social media campaigns, write articles, and learn about all of the amazing incentives and programs that are offered to businesses. I also learned about more technical things, such as the Freedom of Information Law and PILOTS. Everything I did and learned gave me better experience and prepared me for my future. Economic development is not an easy feat, and it takes a lot of time, patience, and professionalism. Patience and professionalism were skills I was able to learn here because it is clear: good things take time. Although Broome County may have good bones, The Agency dresses it up to show people what it truly has to offer.