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Posted on Jul 15th, 2016

Live, Work & Thrive in the Southern Tier

Binghamton Business News

When I started my college career at Binghamton University, I dreamed of finishing my degree, staying local for a few years to establish myself financially, and quickly moving to a big city in order to further my Public Relations and Marketing aspirations.


             Having met people and made friends from all over the United States (and world) since I began my undergraduate studies, I frequently asked myself what a place like Broome County could possibly offer me.


However, that mindset has slowly been wavering since my freshman year. Now going into my senior year, I am truly confused by my hastiness in wanting to leave the Southern Tier.


Having worked at The Agency the last month and a half, my perspective has further changed, even from what it was at the end of this past semester. Each day I’ve spent in this office has presented me with new tasks and therefore, opportunities, to view Broome County as a place that deserves to be promoted and lived in.


Broome County is a place where you can have that ideal personal and professional life balance. The average commute time is less than twenty minutes away, whether you’re an enterprising businessperson in one of Downtown Binghamton’s pristine loft apartments, or an established professional in one of Vestal’s charming homes with your family.


Big city perks with a small town vibe don’t hurt either, such as first-class opera, philharmonic and Broadway level performances at the GoodWill Theater in Johnson City or the Forum in Downtown Binghamton. It’s also pretty cool that multiple semi-professional teams practice and play in our area each season, such as our Binghamton Senators and Binghamton Mets.


Furthermore, there are various businesses, both big and small, all over the Southern Tier, owned by people who saw something inspiring about this area and wanted to capitalize on the inevitable success of entrepreneurship here, like Maine’s Paper and Food Services, Inc. in Conklin, or Baked Euphoria Bakery in Endwell.


The quality of life and amenities of Broome County can’t really be matched anywhere else.  And I think it’s safe to say that with each day at The Agency, I’m becoming more convinced that staying in the area is the right move for me, and anyone else.


- Posted by Giovanna B.