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Posted on Mar 28th, 2018

I Look Forward To My Future Here In Broome County

Binghamton Business News

Hello, my name is Arianna Ortega and I am a senior at Seton Catholic Central High School. I participate in a program through Broome-Tioga BOCES called New Visions, which allows for advanced seniors with a strong idea of their future career path explore their options through shadowing in the field. There are different academies based off the opportunity in Broome: Law, Health, Engineering, and Business. I am in the Business Academy and we work specifically with different businesses in the region to help narrow our ideas of what we wish to do. For the last four weeks, I have been on placement with The Agency.

The Agency strives to be the dynamic approachable driver of economic development in Broome County. They have a significant role in business development and have a share in a multitude of projects around Broome. This is a unique experience for myself because there is no other IDA or LDC in Broome County. I have only touched the surface of The Agency and already every day I learn something new. Beyond the typical differences in structure from business to business The Agency has created something that I have never seen, the Broome County a good life campaign. The team at The Agency has a strong passion for this area and needed to find a way to highlight Broome and all it has to offer. This progressed into the Broome is Good campaign, which shares the amazing aspects that makes Broome such a great place to live, work, and play.

During my time with The Agency, I have witnessed firsthand the wealth of opportunity Broome County has to offer and these experiences have changed my view on my hometown. I have sat in on meeting that have shown me how bright the future of this area is and how driven community members are to enhance Broome. The time I have spent with The Agency has moved me so much that I have decided to stay home and attend SUNY Broome. This way I can be a part of the community that has given me everything I have and help with its growth. I have had the most amazing few weeks and look forward to my future here in Broome County.