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Posted on Sep 22nd, 2020

Discover Diverse Development with The Agency

We at The Agency know that location is everything. For businesses and residents alike, Broome County’s strategic access to top markets and several major highways helps keep anyone who calls Broome home connected to whatever matters most. A hub for interstate commerce, Broome County is well-known for its thriving industries, like the transportation & distribution sector, and hosts several national success stories already, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Willow Run Foods, BAE Systems and more. 

Thanks to businesses like these, Broome County has been transforming before our own eyes. Broome’s economy is now the sixth largest in Upstate New York, with nearly $7 billion in economic activity per year, and our economic outlook prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the most optimistic in our history. Discover for yourself what Broome County business leaders have to say between a wide variety of development opportunities, a strong consumer network, and a compassionate and hardworking local government that supports its businesses. 

Broome County is proud to be home to a diverse range of projects, and at the IDA, we want to help you find the right deal and right location for your business. For this purpose, The Agency has a vast array of properties ready to be developed by you. From land only properties to commercial or residential facilities and factories, we might have just what you need. 

Stake your claim today in a property like 265 Industrial Park Dr., Kirkwood, NY 13795. Less than 15 miles to the nearest airport, and less than one mile from the nearest major highway, for some, the access to this site just cannot be beat. A fifty-two-acre industrial property, 265 Industrial Park Dr. is located strategically at Interstates 81 & 86, the I-88 Interchange, and would make for a perfect distribution center or large scale manufacturing site. The property can be developed to accommodate a one million s/f structure, or be sub-divided to host 400,000 s/f and 300,000 s/f facilities.

If 52 acres is too much, consider instead a smaller, more suburban site, such as 4301 Watson Blvd., Town of Union, New York 13760. Otherwise known as the former IBM Country Club, this 9.33 acre parcel is perfectly situated between a scenic golf course and a commercial district which houses more than 600 businesses and nearly 11,000 professionals. Located with easy access to a number of highways and on the Broome County and Binghamton University bus routes, this property has a key connection to a number of professional, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities, including the UHS Wilson Hospital campus, SUNY Binghamton’s School of Pharmacy and the newly constructed Decker College of Health Sciences. Perfect for a residential space or mixed-use residential complex, 4301 Watson Blvd. offers developers the chance to turn this vacant space into a vibrant place while addressing the high demand for rental housing in the area, outlined by Broome County’s Comprehensive Plan and The Agency’s Housing Study. 

For something that could be just right for you and your business, consider a property like 600 Main St., Town of Union, NY 13790. The former BAE Manufacturing Facility, this 27-acre site falls perfectly between the size needs of 265 Industrial Park Dr. and 4301 Watson Blvd. Earlier this year, The Agency took on drafting the NYS SEQR Generic Environmental Impact Statement for 600 Main St., which is now in its final stages, making the property one step closer to development. Among the last premier development sites in the Binghamton Metro Area, this property is also critically located with immediate access to Interstates 81 and 86, as well as NYS Routes 17, 17C, and 201. Two miles from Binghamton University’s Health Sciences Campus and at the gateway to the Johnson City District, a project developed at this site would find itself in the center of medical innovation and research within the region. With the completion of the Generic Environmental Impact Statement, this site will be build-ready, and all that is missing is you.

Looking for strategic sites for your project? Let us work with you to identify the location for your business needs. The Agency is dedicated to finding just the size, just the right place, and just the right price for you and your business. In addition to site selection opportunities, The Agency can provide financial assistance to a variety of development programs through a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) agreement or one of our revolving loan funds. With a diverse selection, discover your perfect development opportunity today in Broome County and let us help you.