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Posted on Jul 18th, 2017

Defining Your Good Life in Broome County

Binghamton Business News

What defines a good life in Broome County for you?

Maybe it’s your family that’s been connected to the area for decades, like mine.

Maybe it’s the career you’ve chosen at a forward-thinking local company, the cafe you started to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations, or the quality education you’ve received here over the years.

Maybe it’s the unapologetically Broome County things like First Fridays, spiedies, Rumble Ponies games at NYSEG Stadium, the Cider Mill, and everything else that instantly reminds you of this area.

No matter what it is that defines Broome County for you, that life is a good one simply because you’re here.

Broome County is a place where you can build and enjoy a successful career, as well as experience a fulfilling personal life, taking advantage of all the culture, beautiful parks, outdoor activities, professional sports, food, drink and more that this area has to offer.

We believe in our region. We started the Broome County...a good life, as well as the Made in Broomecampaigns in order to inspire true pride of place for everyone that lives here. However, there is always more that can be done to promote this area.

We plan on growing the Broome County...a good life initiative and experience as we learn about Broome County’s residents that have chosen to live and create their lives right here. Through this campaign, we’ve strived to capture the stories and experiences of residents living a good life here. Because good is a choice.

Dan Norton chose to move back here after attending Cornell Law School and build his adult life in a place that he could have the perfect balance of professional and personal. Now an attorney at Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP who lives in Endwell, a good life for Dan is defined by true teamwork and helpful mentors at HH&K, various civic-minded activities in the community and spending quality time with family and his dog.

Stephen Smyk returned to Broome County after living for years in New York City pursuing his career aspirations, in order to start a family in the ideal place to do so. Now the CEO of Performance Bridge Media who lives in Vestal, Steve’s life is defined by the marketing business he and his wife built, with the help of our local, hardworking and talented workforce, as well as recreational opportunities here like enjoying a run at lunch, or coaching his daughter’s basketball games.

While a good life means different things to different people, one thing that is the same is that a good life can be found in Broome County, where you have that perfect balance.

Visit today to learn more about the Broome County...a good life initiative and share with us why you believe Broome County is a good life right here on our website!

And stay tuned for more A Good Life stories featured on and our social media #Broomeisgood #goodisachoice #agoodlife #defineyoureconomy.

- Posted by Giovanna B.