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Posted on Aug 01st, 2018


Binghamton Business News

This interview series is meant to highlight the members of the Broome Talent Task Force and communicate each member's contributions to enrich and empower Broome County. By profiling our members, we hope that you can gain a better understanding of the many organizations and individuals that are shaping Workforce Development in Broome County.

Up first in the Broome Talent Task Force series: Janet "Jan" Hertzog. As Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at SUNY Broome, she has not earned her title without hard work and patience. Her education through SUNY Broome,  the University of Buffalo, and Buffalo State have prepared her for the rigor of the director position. The challenge of utilizing technologies such as video teleconfrences and raising a family while earning her masters gives her the cutting edge of understanding to improve Broome’s 2-year programs for individuals in the workforce looking to maintain or improve their positions.

With the contemporary workforce aging out, the supply of certified trade workers does not come close to the demand of the employers. Companies want certifications and skills that trade workers don’t have due to the time restrictions of working in the trades. Through a combination of flexible time slots and “badge” programs, Jan seeks to help not only the students, but also the employers who are looking for skilled trade workers with a specific set of unique skills certified by SUNY Broome.

Jan sees SUNY Broome itself as one of the greatest opportunities for workforce development in Broome County. Alongside SUNY Broome’s new Associate Vice President and Dean of STEM, Dr. Michele Snyder, who has a deep background in workforce development, Jan feels confident that SUNY Broome can develop new programs that help trade students get the skills they need, the jobs they want, at a time that works for them.

Jan’s role on the Broome Talent Task Force is to represent SUNY Broome’s contributions to workforce development, understand the efforts and roles taken by other schools, and fully grasp the demands of companies. By communicating with major employers and other educational organizations in the area, SUNY Broome’s efforts can proceed with precision.

SUNY Broome is an essential gear in the machine of our economy. Acting as a liaison between the trades and academia, SUNY Broome’s diverse body of native and alien students allows the school to meet the demands of an ever widening selection of career paths, standing as a true example for a community based solution for the questions of the modern economy.

Written by Julie Heaney and Jacob Klieger, Communication and Marketing Interns at The Agency