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Posted on Sep 27th, 2018

Broome Talent Task Force Interview Series: Danielle Britton

Binghamton Business News

Person: Danielle Britton

Job Title: Talent and Education Director

Representative Position on Broome Talent Taskforce: GBEOP

Danielle Britton is the Talent and Education Director at Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce as well as the Executive Director of Greater Binghamton Education Outreach Program (GBEOP), a program that connects education and business in the Greater Binghamton area to help develop a powerful workforce.

An East Syracuse native, she attended Binghamton University and later decided to stay in Broome County because of its vast array of opportunity. Britton was drawn in by our area’s low expenses, prime 20-minute commute time, and its promise of an ideal work-life balance. In addition, the most attractive quality of Broome County to her was the idea that anyone can get involved with our community, help it grow, and inspire change.

A major hurdle in Broome County workforce development, according to Britton, is the existing skills gap in the mid-level workforce. As a solution, exposing kids to what skills they need for a job introduces the idea that they can prosper here, and further down the line will increase retention of our workforce.

Broome County poses many advantages in terms of workforce development. During her interview, Britton stressed the importance of  exposing and educating young students about the benefits of Broome County. According to her, children only see what their parents show them, so in some cases the information about the good of Broome County fails to reach them.

Britton represents GBEOP on the Broome Talent Task Force. Through the organizationof career exploration evenings at schools and hosting a large-scale interactive career expo, she hopes to re-educate students and their parents/guardians on how things have shifted in workforce development, and how acquiring certain skills can benefit them in terms of jobs and pay in the long run. GBEOP is also creating a website where businesses can post job opportunities, which will assist the employers of smaller businesses navigate who to reach out to when they want to introduce internships to their company.

GBEOP’s target is to expose kids to career pathways in the area in actual business. By increasing the amount of business participation in schools, kids will get to see jobs of Broome County in practice and learn more about their futures in the area.