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Posted on Jan 04th, 2022

A Wish for the New Year

I hope that you have begun the year with a fresh mind and a fresh heart. I hope that the challenges of the last year ready you for the uncertainty that remains, but also provide the necessary hindsight to be stronger, healthier, and more compassionate in 2022.

The Leadership Alliance, an idea that was formed firstly to build a stronger collaboration between The Agency and the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, is strong and vibrant. The Alliance has taken shape into a passionate team ready to build a vibrant culture and community. While it is custom to begin each year with well-intended resolutions, on behalf of the Leadership Alliance, I am electing to offer a wish to the community instead.

I wish for you abundance...

I wish for you and abundance of health. As COVID continues to evolve, may you all continue to stay in good health and protect the health of your family, friends, and neighbors. May you also protect the health of the storekeeper, the bus driver, the health care worker, and the schoolteacher.

I wish for you and abundance of opportunity. I wish for everyone the unencumbered opportunity to pursue your goals and endeavors, and to have a community that provides the support and resources to help you succeed.

I wish for an abundance of compassion. I wish for everyone the ability to begin again, and again if needed; to be understood and to be given chances to forge new paths, whatever they may be.

I wish for an abundance of understanding. I wish for everyone the ability to hold different opinions, beliefs and values but treat each community member as a friend.

I wish for an abundance of truth. I wish for everyone a place that is honest, fair and protects the safety of every member of our community. I wish that we seek truth in all that we do and that it is the guiding principle of our every interaction.

I wish for an abundance of ingenuity and good fortune. I wish for a renewed spirit of ingenuity and creativity to thrive and create new businesses, enterprises, and initiatives to grow our economy; and support for the businesses that invest their time, talent, and treasure in making our community vibrant.

I wish for an abundance of leadership. That our government partners at the federal, state, and local levels continue to advocate not just for a healthy community, but a fruitful economy and recognize that the two are wholly interwoven.

I wish for an abundance of community. We will continue to face challenges as well as opportunities. Through our programs and initiatives in the year ahead, the Leadership Alliance will seek to build an inclusive community and a vibrant economy. We will always be stronger together.

Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity in the year ahead.



Stacey Duncan is the CEO of the Leadership Alliance, a strategic partnership between the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and The Agency. Learn more at