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Posted on Apr 16th, 2018


Binghamton Business News

What happens in the workplace can attract the right talent.  We are focused on talent attraction for our region and know how important the workplace can be for new recruits.  According to this article on Forbes, more human interaction is predicted to be a trend for 2018.

"All three companies (IBM, Apple, Google) have found that when employees bump into each other in physical environments, it sparks creativity and relationship building that leads to positive outcomes. One study found that moments of conversation between co-workers increases performance by 20% and another study uncovered that 72% of employees who have a best friend at work are more satisfied with their job."

With the economy and salaries predicted to rise, how companies adapt to these trends can make a significant impact on the region's workforce for the future.

According to this article, upskilling and retraining current workers is also getting a lot of attention.  This puts the focus on workforce development.  We believe this is a vital issue for the future of Broome County.

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