As a public organization, we work hard to assist in the economic development of Broome County. We have two separate entities designed to accomplish this purpose, the IDA and the LDC.

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Posted on Jun 06th, 2022

Why Invest in Broome County - A Community Ready to Invest in You

With nearly 200,000 residents, Broome County has a deep-rooted and unique history.  Even though the vibrant days of Endicott-Johnson and IBM are behind us, a connected community made up of a loyal and diligent workforce exists today. To promote economic and business activity, the Greater Binghamton area has an exceptional live-learn-work-play balance and several organizations dedicated to growth that would prove advantageous to any company expanding to Broome County.  

Broome County is easily commutable and has even earned the nickname “The Crossroad of the Southern Tier” thanks to the major highways that intersect Binghamton.  Additionally, apartment complex projects that are beginning development and leasing are actively addressing the need for young professional housing.  

Broome County is also home to one private and thirteen public schools competitive in academics, athletics, and extra-curriculars.  Higher education thrives as well with, SUNY Broome, recognized as one of the top community colleges in New York State, and Binghamton University, one of the most notable public universities in the country. The numerous education opportunities in and around Broome County make the workforce plentiful and talented for potential employers.

Between the parks, carousels, concerts, golf courses, nature trails, fitness centers,  sporting events, animal attractions, festivals, and much more, Broome is a fun-filled and exciting place to be during every season.  Countless activities and unmatched dining options captivate the many individuals and families residing in Broome.  These attractions will continue to thrive and be enjoyed as businesses, and subsequently their employees, relocate to Broome.  

The Agency is the premier economic and business development resource in Broome County. Our nine person board governs both the Industrial Development Agency and the Local Development Corporation. Our goal is to drive economic development in Broome County using various methods such as financing incentives, site selection opportunities, workforce development, and more. These assistance programs, catalyzed by a determined workforce and unique geography make relocation to Broome County a lucrative business decision.  

Tax exemption assistance is one of the major incentives offered by The Agency.  Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT) agreements are available for larger projects, while our Small Business Incentive Program allows us to offer sales tax exemptions to various types of small, local businesses.  Another opportunity offered is several types of low-interest loans aimed to assist both start-ups and existing firms for the purpose of retaining and expanding business and jobs in Broome County and the Southern Tier Region.  

Currently The Agency has a detailed listing of 53 diverse properties located all over the county ready to be developed available to access on our website. In the year ahead, developers and site selectors will also be able to reach out to The Agency for more detailed spec sheets as we continue to build our Site Selection Inventory.  These properties range from historical locations, such as the former Johnson City High Schools, to acres of vacant land, ready to be repurposed and revived to suit any business, warehouse, office space, factory, or commercial needs.  

The Agency, alongside our partners across the community, have also dedicated ourselves to addressing workforce shortages by developing career-based learning and implementing a stakeholder driven business structure into the community. The Broome County…a good life campaign promoting relocation to Broome County, the development of Broome-Tioga BOCES programs that enrich the skills of high school students and adults, the organization of job fairs around the county, and hosting events for middle and high school students to engage with business leaders and educate them on fields of their interest are just some of the strategies utilized by the Agency and its partners to overcome labor shortage issues and prepare residents of all ages to choose the career for them in Broome County. If you have been considering making an investment into a new community, pick Broome County, a community ready to invest in you.


Author: Intern Emma Augostini