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Posted on Jun 27th, 2018

The Necessity for Workforce Development in Broome

Binghamton Business News

One of our objectives through 2020, as outlined in our 2018 Annual Report, is the creation and implementation of a workforce development and talent attraction program.  We understand how important access to talent is for businesses.   If we want to grow our economy, this is a major priority.  

According to this article on, the skill level of the local laborforce is a major factor for executives and consultants.

"...98 percent of consultants said access to talent is affecting their clients’ new facility or expansion plans, with the lack of advanced skills, in particular, cited by 92 percent of those surveyed. This talent gap — between the workforce we have and the one employers need — is not just a growing concern for businesses, but also for states and cities across the country."

The article highlights the efforts that the state of Michigan is taking to plan for the future.  The Marshall Plan, as they call it, is an inovative partnership designed to reshape and prepare the talent pipeline.  It involves educators, employers, and other stakeholders working and planning together.

At The Agency, we have been working at taking the lead in a similar effort here in Broome County.  Access our Workforce & Talent Attraction Strategic Action Plan: 2017-2020 here.  

To read the complete article, that gives a nice overview of Michigan's Marshall Plan, click here.