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Posted on Feb 11th, 2022

Shopping Local as an Investment in Broome County

After a difficult past two years, COVID-19 highlighted the strength of our local businesses. Shopping locally not only supports the business itself but improves Broome County’s economy. Local businesses create jobs, encourage more money to stay in the local economy, strengthen local networks, provide better customer service, and offer more eco-friendly alternatives. Therefore, buying locally supports your community, for Broome’s small businesses do not view you as a number. Broome County… a good life works to connect you to the high-quality products found in the area, so you can bring Broome home. From boutiques to restaurants, the residents of Broome County offer everything you need and more. 

In need of a new restaurant? The Red Jug Pub, McGirk’s Irish Pub, and Dillingers Celtic Pub & Eatery all provide a city feel downtown. While, Lost Dog, The Shop, and Little Venice create a lively, yet intimate setting. Looking for new clothes to enhance your wardrobe? Tesorina and Mabel D. Orr Fashion provide the ultimate customer service and turn you from strangers to family. Broome County is not limited to food and fashion but works to create an experience for residents and visitors. Wanting to get out of the house? En-Joie Golf Club, Greek Peak Mountain Resort, and Midway Lanes never let a day run dry. The Binghamton Philharmonic, Endicott Performing Arts Center, and Bundy Museum give a taste of the arts and history. Even our antique row inspires customers to hunt for treasure amongst the many unique pieces. While the quality of each highlighted business remains outstanding, their stories speak volumes.

Eugenie Zynda, the founder and owner of The Shop, moved to Broome after high school in 2002 to be with family. Like many, she planned to stay temporarily, but quickly fell in love with the area. The culture of Broome County led her to form strong relationships, and even meet her partner Zoran. Giving up the life she built in New York City, Zoran and Eugenie pursued their largest dream of opening a European style cafe and bar. Over nine months of construction, they accomplished building an environmentally stable build-out with low waste, green building materials, and low impact techniques. Many local business owners share a story similar to Eugenie. Broome is an area that supports those willing to take risks to enhance our community. Once immersed in the culture, it is hard to ignore its charm. 

Shopping local goes further than any single purchase. Supporting your neighbors helps them pay rent, create a better future for their family, and pursue their aspirations. Broome is lucky to provide a space for so many dreamers. The work ethic of our local business owners inspires others to find the same passion. Actively engaging with your local businesses invests in the community and its future. In Broome County the simple things go a long way, and a good life is easily ahead. Invest every day or once a month, but invest in the local businesses of Broome County, and a piece will always stay with you. 


Author Olivia Muse is a Vestal High School Student participating in the BOCES New Visions Program