The Agency: An Insider's View

Until the re-branding of The Agency last year, I had no idea what exactly this organization did or how influential they were on this community.

        It wasn’t until I worked here as an intern this summer that I gained the perspective necessary to understand just how integral The Agency truly is to Broome County’s success.

From sitting in on board meetings and podcast recordings with local leaders of industry, to walking around Downtown Binghamton taking pictures of historic buildings and charming courtyards for our social media, to participating in strategic planning sessions and staff meetings about ongoing projects, each thing I’ve seen, done and heard at The Agency has made me recognize the value of this area and root for its continued revitalization and promotion.

The Agency is the primary facilitator of economic growth in Broome County because they are among the true champions of our community.

The staff and board members want large corporations to locate here, as well as the small businesses that have been here for decades to flourish, because they know life in Broome County is a good one.

As we’ve said before, The Agency wants everyone in New York State and beyond to realize that the Southern Tier is a community where you can have that ideal work/life balance, and truly thrive, because there are endless opportunities for success here.

More than this though, my summer with The Agency has made me see just how hard the staff works to maintain this organization’s rightfully-earned status as the leader in Broome County’s economic development.

The Agency is a partner to large corporations looking to locate, or return to the area—like DICK’S Sporting Goods—because of countless meetings, phone calls, and negotiations, but most importantly, a continuous belief in this area and a desire to see it prosper even more.

The Agency is that essential guiding force for individuals itching to start their own company because the staff here has a vision for Broome County’s entrepreneurial future and wants to offer those enterprising few a chance to see their ideas become a real business in their start-up incubator, The Center.

The Agency is the helping hand to existing small businesses looking to expand because of innumerable emails, outreach, and meetings—whether in the office or on-site—with local business owners discussing loan programs, location assistance, and anything else the business might need.

What I’ve realized from the last three months here is that The Agency is a partner to Broome County in every aspect of the term. I’ve also realized that this is often a thankless job, as not many people see the day-to-day efforts of this staff, or know just how much goes into the projects that big announcements shed light on for the general public and media.

Nevertheless, the people here are willing and enthusiastic to do all these things, and more, because they believe in Broome County—and that’s made me believe too.

- Posted by Giovanna B.

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