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Endless opportunities for BU students

November 4th, 2015 38 VIEWS
Endless opportunities for BU students

Now as a senior at Binghamton University, I have started to finish up both of my majors, sit on two executive e-boards on campus, work more as a tour guide, work more as a crew member at Chipotle, and continue to intern at the The Agency.  Most reactions to my involvement on and off campus tend to get a “wow” from most people and I have always have put it off as not a big deal and that I like to keep busy. But now as I am reflecting on my time spent the past 3 years in the Binghamton area, I can positively say that I utilized my resources well as a student and a member of the Binghamton community. Since I graduate this May, I am starting to look for jobs and with all my experience with the University and with the community, I believe is a key component of my strengths as a “to be” graduate.

Two years ago I was a mentor for two young men an the Johnson City Middle School and amazingly the experience was not only me teaching and mentoring them on how to be successful, but also them teaching me to not only be more accepting, but allowed me too see paths of success in their own eyes. Fortunately, I still keep in touch with both of them and plan to for years to come. Most recently, I started interning for The Agency back in January of 2015. This experience has been the capstone to my studies here at Binghamton University because it has allowed me to apply skills that I have learned in the classroom, in the field. It has also given me insight on what career path I want to pursue and being someone who had their major is “changing majors” for the first 2 years at college, The Agency has not only calmed my nerves but has given me the tools to be successful after graduation.

I want to encourage Binghamton University students to reach out not only to the University’s resources, but the entire community and get involved.  There are endless opportunities for students in the Binghamton area.



Endless opportunities for BU students

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