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Broome Talent Task Force Interview Series: Anthony Paniccia

August 29th, 2018 252 VIEWS
Broome Talent Task Force Interview Series: Anthony Paniccia


We last featured Jan Hertzog, director of continuing education and workforce development at SUNY Broome Community College.  Our next feature is about one of Broome's fastest growing employers and life-long resident. 

Anthony Paniccia, president and CEO of Delta Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors serves as a co-chair on the Broome Talent Task Force with Peter Newman, regional president of M&T Bank.  A native of Endicott, Anthony has always felt that Broome County provides the ideal balance of work and community. In that regard, Anthony serves on the Boards of numerous community organizations and believes that everyone in the business community possesses the ability to give back in one or more of the following ways: with their time, their talent, or their treasure.


When asked about the challenges of workforce development in Broome County, Anthony responded that he believes retaining the youth is one of our largest issues. He noted a common narrative among youth is that Broome County isn’t a good place to live. “So, we have to show them the truth, whether it's through the minor league sports teams we have - the AHL and the Rumble Ponies - the performing arts, or our vibrant downtown with its many restaurants,” he said.  “We just have to show people that this is a good community so that they want to stay here and have their friends that they went to college with come back and stay as well.”


Anthony knows that all of our major employment sectors are facing employment shortages.  He thinks that by getting kids interested in those fields at a young age and encouraging those who don’t want to go to college to acquire a skill that can land them a good-paying job, we have the ability to meet those needs and provide a vibrant workforce for Broome County. 


Anthony believes that we have already succeeded, just by the fact that the Task Force exists and includes membership from a diverse group of businesses and organizations.   . “This is the first time that I’ve seen where everyone is coming together for the betterment of the community, and as far as I can look back this has never occurred to this degree.”


As an employer, Delta Engineers is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the last several years, Delta has added dozens of new positions throughout their company and plans to expand even more. Anthony prides Delta on providing opportunities for internships for both high school and college students and is always seeking to hire graduates who would like to stay in the community.

Did you know that architectural and engineering services provide an annual average wage of nearly $55-75,000? In addition, the economic impact of sales, output and compensation in the A&E field is more than $37 million.  Nearly 60% of employees in the A&E field have either an Associates or Bachelor’s degree and roughly 20% hold a Masters or other advanced degree, the remaining 20% hold a high school diploma or some college.

Written by Julie Heaney, Communication and Marketing Intern at The Agency


To learn more about job opportunities in architecture, engineering and related services, go to #broomeisgood #jobsnowBroome

Broome Talent Task Force Interview Series: Anthony Paniccia

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